If you want to save a lot of money on creating your website, you should keep in mind that it is the worst enemy of website quality. As a result, you had spent the money, you had spent the time, and the result is your new low-cost & low-quality website.

And if you have no clear vision of what your website should look like, you will definitely come up with the mistakes in its creation. And these mistakes can be fatal for your online presence and your business.

Here are the top 10 mistakes that people do when they create their websites – keep reading and try to avoid them!

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1. Incorrect website structure

When creating your website, you should always start with the thorough analysis and development of future website structure.

The relationship between website folders should be logical, the levelling should be correct, and you should avoid creating complex, incomprehensible site navigation with the lack of bread crumbs, as well as duplicate pages with different URLs – all this creates one huge mess in website usability for the user and for the search engines promotion.

The header and footer and navigation bar should look the same and have the same location on each page. Make sure your visitors can easily access all pages without encountering the annoying 404 error.

Also, try to place the most important texts, descriptions, photographs exactly on the first page of the site, on the left side – more than 80 % of visitors pay attention to objects located on the left side.

And do not make separate categories for the similar content – the smaller the number of pages is, the easier it is to navigate the site.

2. Incorrect domain name

Believe us: a domain name is something more than just your website’s address.

You can call it your business’s name on the Web, identification of your company. A successful domain name is one of the most effective marketing tools.

Just imagine: this single word of several characters has a great influence on your potential customer’s decision to visit the site or avoid visiting it. It can make the strongest first impression.

That is the reason why it is crucial to choose a simple, memorable and unique domain name that will demonstrate the idea of ​​your business and increase the customer’s confidence at first sight.

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3. Design issues

When the pages of one site have a different design, this can be confusing for the visitor (switching the pages, he may think that he has moved to another site). In addition, if the location of the navigation bar and search bar changes from page to page, the overall impression of the site will be extremely negative.

In order to make the website design correct, use the following tips:

• try to use the same color scheme for all website pages;

• ensure that the vertical/horizontal distances between layout elements are the same on each page;

• headings on different pages should be of the same size;

• keep the navigation layout the same on different pages;

• stick to a single design of the links;

• use icons created in the same style.

4. Technical errors on the site

Broken links annoy and disappoint the user when he is in search of information or product of interest. And if there are a lot of them on your site, then the search engines can rank the site poorly.

Common technical errors include:

  • technical duplicates on the site;
  • indexed search pages;
  • lack of semantic URLs or their wrong setting;
  • 404 errors and redirects.

All this affects the quality of the site, its indexing and usability. Therefore, it is extremely important to see all the errors and fix them in a timely manner.

5. Slow loading time

This is definitely one of the most popular and bad mistakes you can make; even the sites of big & famous brands have this problem.

And it’s not that bad to sacrifice speed for the sake of demonstrating high-quality content, but it is not good at all if it’s a trivial mistake.

Of course, it’s a great idea to allow your customers to view the photographs in the smallest detail, but this is not always appropriate – it critically affects the page load speed.

6. Lack of cross-browser compatibility

Don’t scare your customers just because they love using another browser!

If your website incorrectly displays in a certain browser that your potential customer uses, it forces him to leave the website.

If you don’t want to miss a single targeted visitor, it is necessary to make your website look perfect in all popular and several less popular browsers.

7. Lack of useful tags

On the one hand, incorrect tagging or the complete absence of useful layout tags will not allow the search engines to correctly understand what the site is about, which can cause corresponding problems.

On the other hand, H-tags are important for users, because they highlight the headings and subheadings, visually structure the text, improving readability. But the alt attribute set with the keyword, although not an independent tag, becomes an excellent helper in promotion, as it is taken into account when promoting the page and helps to rank the picture on the site for a specific request.

8. Annoying pop-ups

There’s no need to use intrusive advertising pop-ups: if they appear in the wrong places or at the wrong time, they can be quite annoying for many users. Especially if they block the important content!

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9. Content that was not created specifically for the Web

Writing for Web means:

  • writing short;
  • writing texts that will be convenient to read;
  • writing exactly on the topic (and not making «advertising noise»).
  • giving comprehensive answers to all customer’s questions;
  • speaking a simple language without special terms (it also improves the visibility of your text for the search engines, as users search for the info they need using simple words, but not specific terms).

10. Poor website search

If all other mistakes on the list are quite easy enough to fix, correcting the website search requires a lot of work and huge costs for high-quality search software. However, these costs are easily paid off, since the search is a fundamental component of the visitor’s work with the site, and every year it becomes more and more important!

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